.EG Domain

Egyptian Information Technology and Communication manages the infrastructure necessary to reserve, register, operate and renew domain names under the Egyptian domain (eg.) This is done through the domain name registration sector



  • Enhancing and upgrading the provision of domain registration service under the Egyptian domain (eg.).
  • Emphasis on providing the domain registration service in a secure, stable and continuous manner.
  • Provide everything that helps and ensures an increase in the number of domains registered under the domain (eg.).


  • Develop and implement the rules and policies regulating the domain registration process under the Egyptian domain (eg.).
  • Develop and implement procedures for registration under all sub-domains under the Egyptian domain (eg.).
  • Managing and operating the servers and infrastructure necessary to register and operate Egyptian domains in a secure manner and to ensure that they work 24 hours throughout the year.
  • Creating a sub-domain under the Egyptian domain in line with the needs of the Internet community in Egypt.
  • Participate in the efforts made locally, regionally and internationally to activate the use of the Arabic language in domain names.
  • Active participation in meetings, conferences and seminars organized by the concerned authorities regionally and internationally in all matters relating to the higher domains of the countries.


Dear .eg domain registrants,
After Greetings ,,

Within the framework of promoting the .eg domain registration service, we are honored to inform you that some registration rules have been modified as follows.

As for domain names, as of 1/1/2024, domain registration will be allowed in the names of companies’ products and services, and it is not required to mention them in the commercial registry, taking into account the following conditions:

1- Submitting the commercial register or tax card (provided that the company name is mentioned in the tax card) of the company requesting registration.

2- Submit a letter from the company stating that the domain name to be registered is affiliated with it.

3 – Providing proof of the existence of the product or service from the company, such as a promotional folder, a picture of the product on the site, an advertising campaign, or any physical image in any way used to promote the product or service.

The Egyptian Domain Reservation Administration has the right to stop the domain that was registered in the name of the product or service if it is later confirmed that there was bad faith in registering the name, such as registering it, for example, to harm another competitor of the company, or bidding on the name and selling it later to whoever has the right to this name.

Greetings from the Domain Registration Department